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Deploying a website with Git in 6 steps

Here is a quick guide on deploying a website or web app to your production server using Git. If you would like to use something more flexible then check out Capistrano

  1. SSH into the remote server
    ssh -p port_number
  2. Create a directory for the bare Git repository.
    mkdir ~/git/myrepos.git

    *It is recommended to create the bare Git repository outside of the public folder so only the server can access it.

  3. Enter the newly created directory.
    cd ~/git/myrepos.git
  4. Create the bare git repository.

    git init --bare
  5. Set up the post-receive hook
    nano hooks/post-receive

    Type in the below commands.

    GIT_WORK_TREE=/path/to/public/folder git checkout -f

    You can also add other commands such as Composer to install dependencies

     cd /path/to/public/folder
     php composer.phar update --no-dev

    Save "crt+o" and Exit "crt+x".

    Set the permissions

    $ chmod +x hooks/post-receive 
  6. Now git push
    git push


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