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Bonfire - Faster CodeIgniter Development

We came across Bonfire while looking for an authentication library for CodeIgniter to help us kick start a web application we're about to start.

Bonfire is a framework built on top of CodeIgniter. It's a "launching pad for your new application".

Installing Bonfire is a simple as installing Wordpress. Just fill in the admin details and database information and you're done.

After logging into the ready-to-go admin section you are presented with a impressive looking interface using Twitter bootstrap.

The current features:

  • Built-in Users Management with Role-Based Access Control
  • Database Backup and Maintenance Interface
  • Fully Modular codebase. Built around HMVC

There is a lot more Bonfire can do, we see a lot of potential in it and plan on using for future projects. Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

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